update to recent post

I have added a brief footnote to the recent post, now titled A Study in Contrasts.

I have also softened the imagery of my moose hunt, as my slang reference to the moose’s possible demise was troubling me.

The physical reality of killing another creature — which of course is the intended end result of good hunting — is troubling me lately, and I was trying not to mince words, and perhaps also trying a little too hard to shake people up.   I will try to be a little less off-the-cuff.

This blog world is a strange one and if I offended anyone I apologize.  Not my intent.

“And rightly comprehended, the theme of the writing would be constant: a sustained effort to demolish the cliché; to understand, and then to say, as well as we can, what we feel to be true.”
– John Haines

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  1. Gordon Hommes said:

    I’ve been a hunter for most of my life, like my dad and grandfather. We don’t buy much meat, and much of what we consume is from the deer I kill. As I grow older (now in my early 50s) the act of killing has gotten more difficult, emotionally, and I find myself becoming far more selective as to what I shoot. To eat means to kill (or have someone do the killing for us), but I find comfort in knowing that all critters (humans included) emerged from the same origin, share the same cosmic journey (think about that for a minute), and share the same destiny. Pretty cool.

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