update to recent post

I have added a brief footnote to the recent post, now titled A Study in Contrasts.

I have also softened the imagery of my moose hunt, as my slang reference to the moose’s possible demise was troubling me.

The physical reality of killing another creature — which of course is the intended end result of good hunting — is troubling me lately, and I was trying not to mince words, and perhaps also trying a little too hard to shake people up.   I will try to be a little less off-the-cuff.

This blog world is a strange one and if I offended anyone I apologize.  Not my intent.

“And rightly comprehended, the theme of the writing would be constant: a sustained effort to demolish the cliché; to understand, and then to say, as well as we can, what we feel to be true.”
— John Haines

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  1. Corey Myers said:

    Im glad I found this blog. I have been working in Lutsel K’e for the past three summers and heard about a familty that lives on the Hoarfrost River. Always wanted to check out that part of the lake, and beyond. Maybe ill run into one day.

    Corey Myers

  2. Gordon Hommes said:

    I’ve been a hunter for most of my life, like my dad and grandfather. We don’t buy much meat, and much of what we consume is from the deer I kill. As I grow older (now in my early 50s) the act of killing has gotten more difficult, emotionally, and I find myself becoming far more selective as to what I shoot. To eat means to kill (or have someone do the killing for us), but I find comfort in knowing that all critters (humans included) emerged from the same origin, share the same cosmic journey (think about that for a minute), and share the same destiny. Pretty cool.

  3. hilts50 said:

    Hi Dave,

    I don’t feel your previous post was written in an offending manner. I honestly believe that only those who can’t comprehend the life you live could find the moose hunt talk offending. I have only followed your blog for 6 or so months, but I get the sense you have a strong honest and intimate relationship with the wild that surrounds you. People like yourself hunt for one reason and that is to put food on the table. These aren’t trophy hunts or for bragging rights, these are hunts of necessity. Do you see the true beauty and strength in the animals you take? Of course you do. You are living a very down to earth lifestyle. I wish you didn’t feel the need to apologies for what others may not understand. I once lived a very similar life you now live, and I cling to the elements that are still available to me. Your posts bring back a lot of memories of my childhood. I really enjoy your posts.


  4. Tom Asplund said:

    I find your comments to be refreshing and real. The word pictures you paint are incredible and greatly appreciated. Some folks may have a romantic notion regarding a subsistence lifestyle. As Gordon points out in his comment, “to eat means to kill.” Lessons learned from the Native Americans regarding killing animals which enabled them to survive was in thanking the “Great Spirit” for providing the bounty and their reverence and respect for the animals that they were forced to kill so they could eat. They never took more than they needed nor did they waste any part of it. You are living a part of their legacy. No need to apologize. Think how different our society would be if everyone lived according to that code.

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